“‘My Heart’, the debut single from Valeria Pozzo, talks to all those who have ever been quiet, scared or on their own. And she does it in such an intricately layered and powerfully sensitive way that you can’t help but gain strength and succour just from listening. We’re eagerly awaiting the EP”

- ArtsCulture

“Valeria Pozzo, has released her debut single, ‘My Heart’.  All the layered instruments you can hear were played by the string-obsessed London songwriter, which is an impressive feat and demonstrates her huge talent and potential”

Americana UK

“Valeria Pozzo’s light, effortless vocals are complemented by her mastery of guitar, violin and a range of exotic stringed instruments. In combination with the talents of drummer Yusuf Ahmed and keyboardist Joseph Costi, the music takes on a jazz slant which takes her songs to a higher plane”

- Woodburner

“Pozzo’s classical influences are clear and yet this also sounds fresh.  Check it out.  She is currently working on producing an EP, which will be one to watch out for”

- Americana UK