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Valeria Pozzo is a classically trained violinist, multi-instrumentalist and producer who effortlessly combines genres in her spellbinding music. Her intimate vocal style is born out of her love for storytelling and her nuanced soundscapes take influence from artists such as Joni Mitchell, Becca Stevens, Emiliana Torrini and Jeff Buckley.

Valeria was born in Pordenone, a small city in northern Italy. She grew up surrounded by music. Valeria began singing and playing the violin as a child and started working in professional orchestras as a teenager. At the age of 18 she went to study violin at the 'B. Marcello' Conservatory in Venice. At the same time, she joined the ‘VGE vocal project’ directed by Luca Pitteri, a contemporary choir inspired by Gospel and vocal groups like Take 6. As a vocalist, Valeria sang across Italy while working on different TV shows on national television ('Zelig', 'Ti Lascio Una Canzone', 'Io Canto').

Valeria moved to London in 2011, following her desire to broaden her musical horizons. Inspired by the exciting and eclectic music scene of the city, she began writing her own songs and became involved in London’s booming jazz scene through the leading talent development organisation, Tomorrow's Warriors, a creative production, musical education and consultancy agency. Since then, Valeria has worked with numerous artists, including; Jazz Jamaica All Stars, Eska, Nu Civilisation Orchestra, Neil Cowley, Antonio Forcione, Robert Mitchell, Raffy Bushman, Sam Ryder, Rhys Lewis, Nyoh, Coke Studio Pakistan and Southbank Sinfonia, and has performed at many prestigious venue and at Abbey Road Studio, where she recorded a cover of George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes The Sun’ for Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

In 2020, Valeria Pozzo recorded, produced and self-released her debut single 'My Heart', an introspective ballad about self-love and finding clarity in solitude. Valeria played every instrument in ‘My Heart’ which features guitars, charango, bandola, violin, viola, synth and electric bass.

In 2021 Valeria produced her new 5-track ep 'Circles', featuring a number of established musicians in the UK Jazz scene, such as Tom Herbert on bass, Yusuf Ahmed on drums, Joseph Costi on piano/synths, Idris Rahman on sax and Robin Hopcraft on trumpet. Much of Valeria’s writing is born from a place of vulnerability. The ep ‘Circles’ explores cycles of stability and turmoil and the existential quest for connection, acceptance and belonging. ‘Circles’ is due to be released in May 2023.

Valeria Pozzo will be performing in the Solo European Tour in June 2023, which will take her to perform across Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Valeria Pozzo is an Awardee of the Record & Release Fund from Help Musicians.


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